Ideas Plus Services Various Payment Methods

About Payment Options in Pakistan

Cash Payments

This is considered the most preferred method to visit the office and pay. However, it needs setting up web hosting offices or appointing payment collection representatives in cities like Lahore. Both of these are not practical for online business. However, if you are based in the same city, you can confirm the address on the Contact page, visit and pay in cash.

Deposit Cash in a Bank Account

Online banking in Pakistan makes it possible to undertake faster and more secure transactions. The customer does not need to have a bank account for this. The fee for this is normally not very high, generally less than Rs 200. At Munawar Ahmad Pirzada we accept this mode as one of the preferred ones.

E-Banking and ATM Machines

The banking network in Pakistan offers an e-banking facility using which one can offer payment, even recurring ones, by logging in to your account using your own PC. An ATM cardholder in Pakistan can also carry out transactions through ATM machines. The machines are on one link thus you can offer payments at a very low cost to any bank you need. This gives a major boost to online business. While it is also without any hassles and little or no charges. These are perfect for high-speed operations. At ideas plus services, we accept this mode and prefer it.

EasyPaisa, JazzCash

These are newly launched services. Are easier, faster and secure. At the face of it the name does not seem to be very hi-tech, however, the services are based on sound footing. The transactions are instant and both parties get SMS immediately. This makes the creation of accounts faster compared with all other services. These are the cheapest services for the purpose and probably a next-generation solution. At ideas plus services, we accept these cheaper and faster modes of payment in Pakistan and prefer them.